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Make adsense account is still permitted through blogspot

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Many say that the issue is very difficult to make adsense account. And sometimes there is an opinion that says sign up through blogspot adsense account is not allowed. That's also what I experienced three months yesterday. At that time I had just learned to create a blog, and it can be said may be said to be very new in recognizing a blog. With a sense that knowingly, and without knowing the conditions making adsense account, and then still using the Indonesian language at every posting. As a result adsense application "Rejected":), But after going to learn from each blogger friend with blogwalking, and read every post of my friends, finally tried again to make a blog, hoping to get adsense account through my other blog http://flash-maniac.blogspot.com this is a blog that I use to sign up for adsense account. First, hear from friends around the year 2009, to register for adsense account is very easy. We just to do copy and paste from the articles that speak in English or the language supported by adsense, within 2-3 days must be approved by adsense. But after receiving a personal experience of this register in the year 2010, requires patience, because when a review of the Adsense team about a month, and Thanks God, my adsense account is approved by Google. This proves to register adsense account through blogspot is still permitted.
So personally through this experience there are tips and tricks that may be unique in order to be approved by Adsense:
  • Create a blog with the language supported by the Adsense Program.
  • Make a Privacy Policy on your blog, it's the main requirement for joining the Adsense Program
  • Don’t worry, the blog does not have to have the crowded traffic, high PR is not required, even unique unneeded many posts, you can see on my blog’s link above, I only made three posts, and the age of blog just 3 days old, and not I never update again. :)
  • Try to make original post, that's what I did, although there are some friends said we could do with a copy paste from another article, but I recommend to create original and unique post.
  • My last time in approved by Google, is one month, so be patient. Maybe for my friends who have repeatedly registered but not yet approved, I opened his hands wide to help you, if needed. Please leave a comment. Or maybe there could use other alternatives to collect dollars here

Hopefully this post is useful.
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  1. antokcupu says:

    nice post
    lam kenal

  1. darahbiroe says:

    salam kenal balik yaw
    hmmm aku gag mudenk bhs inggris haha
    makasih dah berkunjung ke blog ku

  1. riencha says:

    Gak ana yang bahasa ibu pertiwi apa mas?

  1. MisterXWebz says:

    diambil intinya aja sob,,,,

  1. Indra says:

    wahh txta bsa jg y umur 3 hari,klo blog q yg yourtechonology.blogspot.com udh 2 blanan,tpi y gtu mas,hasil copas.soalnya bhs inggris c,hehe....
    klo PTR gmana y mas?klo g slah mas ikutan jg yg sponsoredreview,
    syaratnya gmana?

  1. MisterXWebz says:

    Ga ada syarat sob, yang penting alexanya kecil...

  1. Pak Liek says:

    mau tanya mumpung masih disini ...
    adsense pak liek kok yang muncul public service ads ..
    kira2 apa yang terjadi ....

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