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Broadband business, "should be forced to announce a rate to be typical"

Broadband providers should be required to prominently their typical download speeds that are only a theoretical maximum, said the regulator From will advertise today.

The proposal will have a national action concerning the actual average speed of broadband in less than half the average rate applied detailed.

Currently, the most vendors of advertising only "to" numbers that describe their technological limits in perfect condition. Indeed, factors such as the removal of the local exchange and the quality of the cable have a significant influence on the rate of loading and unloading.

From said that announced in November and December, the package comes in the middle "to" only 13.8Mbps 6.2Mbps.

Now launched in the balance weight moves to the sector more transparent, based on the typical rate should be at least seen a theoretical maximum to be advertised.

Ed Richards, From Chief Executive, said: "It is important that the rules about advertising for a change of broadband to help consumers better informed decisions based ads they see can do, and that advertisers can more clearly communicate how your product compared to others on the market.

Supervisor has made recommendations to the Committee of Advertising Practice, self-regulatory organization, which is now submitted as a consultant for broadband advertising. Advertising Standards Authority require a review of last year, citing the growing gap between the actual speed, and advertising.

Recent research by From also found that Virgin Media offers cable network and services on a new fiber-optic upgrade of BT speeds, close their theoretical limits based. The service package with the old copper wire-based network from BT is usually worse than the old one: Only three percent of respondents in the "up to" 24 Ambit / s for more than 16 broadband Ambit / s and 69 percent of the 8 Ambit / s or less acceptable.

The cable network, which covers nearly 50 percent of the house, the best results that 90-96 percent of the advertised speed.

BT new set of Infinity, the optical fiber used as a dealer on the side streets and copper wire to connect the latter case, which gave 78 percent of the average velocity of the ancient world. The network upgrade to 15 percent of the land available, with 70 percent coverage is planned for mid-2012.

Sky, which offers broadband services via BT lines of houses, criticized the proposals on the advertising of broadband From, the argument that you have registered enough speed to actually estimate the customer.

"The debate about the speed title has the potential to create a diversion in the face of current practice, any customer with an approximate speed of the person before the signing," he said.

"Instead we must focus on what consumers say the transparency of us insist that the most important, such as unlimited usage and traffic management. We need complete information about the fair use policy and traffic management."

But consumer groups, where? said that his research claims that From supports broadband subscribers more information on the add

"People say they have to deceive the current speed of broadband and confuse found - not rocket science, the indicator should reflect what technology can really offer," said the spokesman Ceria Stan away.

separate code of conduct administered by From itself enter into force in July. This means that new customers are not satisfied with the broadband service to compare them with current estimates of the speed at the time of the application is given its contract without penalty violation.

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