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Introduce a New iPad 2011

SAN FRANCISCO - Steven P. Jobs, Apple's CEO cut him sick leave on Wednesday the long-awaited new company iPad, a slimmer version to introduce the fastest and lightest tablet PC folk who sell the same price as the original model.

Jobs hints at leaving, but did not say to their health or comment on whether the company has planned for the near future.

"We worked on this product for a while, 'and I do not want to lose today," he said.

2 IPAD between front and rear camera, video calling, and in black and white version. This is March 11 in the United States are available at prices ranging from $ 499 to $ this is the 829th in more than two dozen other countries, available on 26 March said Jobs.

But the details of the product bit 'overshadowed by the unexpected presence of Mr. Jobs. His performance lifted sentiment Apple fans and investors on the deteriorating health of the company a visionary leader are concerned. Mr. Jobs was a standing ovation as he walked on stage to welcome you here in the hall, and within minutes, Apple shares jumped more than $ 3, or almost 1 percent.

"It’s clear that he was still in power," said Tim Bahrain, an analyst at Creative Strategies said. "His presence underlines the importance of the IPAD is felt for the future of Apple." Although subtle, is Mr. Jobs, 56 last week, almost the same as that of October, the last time he appeared in public, to introduce a product.

In a sign of strong competition in the tablet, said Mr. Jobs does not only promote the features of iPod overcome, but also to rival Apple potshots, calling them "free riders" and said he had the ability, the first property iPod or price adjustment. The Tablet PC market is more competitive than when it began selling Apple iPod almost a year ago. Companies like Samsung, Dell, Motorola, Research In Motion and Hewlett-Packard has introduced a rival tablets, although some are available only at the end of this year.

But the rival Apple has not made a significant step forward for consumers, partly because they have had problems with corresponding price iPod. The costs of Doom Motorola, such as $ 800. Samsung Galaxy Tab available for about $ 500, but 7 inches is much smaller than the iPad, which is almost 10 inches.

New IPad a new chip developed by Apple called built A5, which is faster than its predecessor. Mr Jobs said the graphics performance will be nine times faster. This new iPad thickness 8 mm, a third slimmer than the original and a bit 'thinner than the fourth Jobs said that iPhone to 1.3 pounds, which is one-fifth of a pound lighter than previous models, but the same battery life of 10 hours.

"It 's totally different," said Jobs.

Alluding to the Apple iPhone has a 4 white but never introduced, Mr. Jobs said that the white iPad 2 is available from day 1. IPad new model supports 3G connections from AT & T and Verizon.

Mr Jobs predicted that two iPad will help to expand Apple's market lead. "We think that 2011 will definitely be a year of 2 iPad" Jobs said.

Some developers Apple said they were impressed with iPad 2 and notes that it is more powerful and easy to use.

"This technology is increasingly visible," said Ge Wang, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Smule, a corporation, the virtual instrument and to IPAD iPhone ago. Wang, who also conducted a digital orchestra at Stanford, said Smule considered the provision of the software on other tablets had decided, but on the other hand for now. "Nothing else comes close," said the iPad.

While the two iPad is a marked improvement, analysts said they expected.

"There are no big surprises," said AM Sacconaghi Jr., an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Company. "This is a step forward in stages. But of course Apple extremely competitive in the market."

Mr. Sacconaghi said the new features that provide partners with more than 65,000 iPad robust applications that Apple continues to lead the market for now.

Apple does not update the sales figures for the iPad. In January, the company said it sold nearly 15 million in 2010 iPads, making about $ 9,500,000,000 th Mr. Jobs said that 65,000 applications were adjusted iPad.

Apple's market share reached 85 per cent of the overall tablet at the end of 2010, as estimated by the firm eMarketer, a research. Apple has sold 34 million iPads in 2011, more than three times the 10 million tablets sold expects its rivals, said eMarketer.

Together with the new Apple iPad has a new version of IOS software, and two new popular applications already in its Macintosh line of computers: iMovie and Garage Band.

Mr Jobs also announced that the books from Random House, a publisher will not agree, at its iBookstore. He said 100 million books have been downloaded since the company, the operation a year ago.

It emphasizes the power of Apple's digital media sales, Mr. Jobs also said iTunes recently passed 200 million credit card accounts that the music videos of customers, buying books can, and applications with one click.

In a talent show of innovative design Apple, Jobs showed a thin cover of new iPad tablet attached, the magnet in a position of the device on and off and doubles as a stand.

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