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Windows Mobile With Windows 7

Windows Mobile
Telephone Windows 7, which starts later this year, is Microsoft's attempt over the Apple iPhone and Google Android.

Telephone Windows 7, the return to Microsoft, who struggled for years with the unpopular and difficult to make Windows Mobile.

From the start the operating system is extremely smooth, responsive and attractive. Telephone Windows 7 also seems to have learned of its rivals and has done much of what the best of both Android and Ions. The social networking features of Android are available and it is its simplicity and ease of the iPhone.

During a brief hands-on testing, it soon became evident that Microsoft might be a good chance to challenge Apple. The success of the iPhone is the user interface (UI) and the App Store, which is both easy to use but very powerful. Windows 7 phone has a user interface that is as fast and as simple as Apple suggests. Much is on the operating system that powers the Zone media player from Microsoft is available from staff outside the U.S.

Rather than sticking strictly to the question of the system box and the symbol is now visible on most other mobile operating systems, Microsoft has created a 3D for Windows Mobile seventh text Large flat background that are selected based on your location in the phone menu system and sub-domains by scrolling left and right.

HTC has produced some great networking and social integration with their sense of clouds for Android UI. But most still feel the release of the battery and the high demand for data usage. Microsoft say they have spent much time trying to ensure that Windows 7 will be easier for mobile phone battery, but it's hard to be without spending more time with him safely.
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Almost all applications and software on your Windows cloud-7 are connected to contacts updated, photos and home screens continuously. At first I found it a bit "overwhelming the phone book seems strange pictures of each contact or change of state. However, once you realize the depth seems the social networking features of the location of the operating system, its potential is obvious. Instead of feeling confused the phone to develop their own life, the contacts so that different applications and the main screen, the change means that whenever you are on the phone is never the same, this is a major threat to Microsoft .. most people can enjoy life and Customizing OS offers, but others may find it too confusing and too heavy social network.

Despite all the bells Windows 7 Phone social networking and whistles still seems to have a strong commercial potential. The integration of Office that I saw was pretty smooth. In short, Microsoft has ensured that what can be typed on a computer for editing with Windows Mobile seventh The idea is to eliminate the barriers between content generated by many on a computer and a phone as possible. A problem, however, there is little to show in the rest of the office phone to separate the operating system. This means that it is difficult to distinguish between the sweetness of the rest of the social networking Phone Windows 7 and what needs to distinguish serious part of Microsoft Office. That may be enough for those contemplating the introduction of Windows 7 phone as a business process mobile phone.

Microsoft is close to what you have for Windows 7 a phone as well as equipment that works. This avoids some of the fragmentation and processor wars "currently with Android. At that time, every mobile phone will run Windows 7 must be at least 8 GB of memory and a 5 megapixel camera and all the usual staples such as Smartphone GPS and an accelerometer were.

Maybe better, but the control is implemented by Microsoft to adapt and skinning Windows 7 Phone HTC and Android can do magic with his sense of the user interface, but some of the offerings under Sony or LG can do serious damage to Windows 7 finesse phone. Most likely to make developers and manufacturers, their brand on a laptop in order to build applications that reside on the home screen, rather than slow changes heavy phone user interface.

It does not take long before some of the many producers with Windows 7 by phone Watch mobile phones are starting to see online. From the looks of it Microsoft have built a true competitor to 7 by phone, and if the material is zero problem on a shot could be ahead of iPhone sales for Christmas.

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